Boris Skurikhin

A Brief introduction...

My name is Boris Skurikhin. I am a Computer Science student. I made this site with the goal of bringing my interests, projects, and music to one place. You will find that a lot of things on this site are updated dynamically - because automation is the future.


Fun fact, I wrote my first application in the eighth grade; Donkey Kong. Sadly, I no longer have the code nor the project (I switched my computer about 4 times now). What I do have, is cumulative years of experience in the programming field. Here's a list of things I can use well:



Below you will find a list of all my pinned public GitHub repositories:

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Make sure to check out my Github for more!


I also make electronic music. I've been making music longer than I have been programing! What it sounded like back then. And this is what it sounds like now:

boriskurikhin at gmail dot com